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The Legend of Futian
First Impressions on a Tour upon the Continent

NovelThe Legend of FutianThe Legend of Futian
Chapter 2200 – The Transformation of the Ziwei Realm reason reply
Ye Futian nodded a little bit and mentioned, “Go and allow the other individuals know.�
“The College of your Emperor Legend is only going to come to be stronger because of this,� answered the palace lord, looking again on the elder.
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“If items keep on such as this, the complete Ziwei World will likely be break up start, which cause the world getting split into unique continents,� mentioned the elder with the Dou tribe, a trace of sorrow in his tone.
Now, people obtained made available the blood vessels on the world in the Ziwei World. After this, it may well probably go exactly the same way the way it acquired with all the Shadow World.
The elder with the Dou tribe was there looking forward to them. As he noticed them approaching, he came out in order to meet them, expressing, “Something massive will in all probability happen within the Ziwei World.�
As more cultivators emerged, Ye Futian noticed some acquainted results. These were those who he recognized from the Divine Prefecture, like people from your top factors on the Shangqing Area plus the Donghua Website. They had demonstrated up listed here at the same time!
In addition, it had taken place on the Institution of the Emperor Legend.
Even although the Incredible Mandate Kingdom was at serenity, the other realms were experiencing a time period of terrific hardship. Anything important got transpired on the Ziwei World.
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The top results can be for those two sides to temporarily build a fragile stability and not disrupt one another. They might live in this risky circumstance.
The elder on the Dou tribe was there expecting them. When he found them approaching, he arrived in order to reach them, stating, “Something major will likely take place within the Ziwei Kingdom.�
“Is anything the matter?� Ye Futian required Dou Zhao.
As more cultivators emerged, Ye Futian observed some familiarized figures. These were people who he was aware out of the Divine Prefecture, for example persons from your best causes during the Shangqing Area as well as Donghua Area. That they had found up here likewise!
This produced many people wonder. Is it that this divine thing underground possessed a connection to modern Education of your Emperor Star?
As more cultivators came, Ye Futian saw some familiar figures. People were folks that he recognized through the Divine Prefecture, like individuals from the top notch forces on the Shangqing Area plus the Donghua Site. They had displayed up on this page likewise!
Ye Futian nodded a little and reported, “Go and enable the other folks know.�
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“Something has took place within the Ziwei World,� explained Dou Zhao on his distinct voice. “Those people are typical crazy. They may have reduce start the veins of the the planet throughout the Ziwei Realm. Additionally, it turned out the faction from your College of your Emperor Legend that journeyed decrease and opened the underground doorstep, producing an earthquake through the entire full world.�
The period pa.s.sed one right after a different. Ye Futian developed calmly from the Divine Mandate Academy, exercising alchemy and presenting the drugs he designed to others make use of. They can have a problem through utilizing the tablets to further improve their physiques, permitting them to go a little bit more down the direction of cultivation.
“Now, people who are coming to the Ziwei Kingdom have thought until this subterranean palace is more than likely an imperial palace,� extended Dou Zhao. “An old palace with the Wonderful Emperor. Naturally, this is just a imagine. As of still, not one person has revealed its secrets and techniques. All of the realms needs to have observed this news flash by now, though, and lots of cultivators are heading to the Ziwei Kingdom.�
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“Something has taken place within the Ziwei World,� reported Dou Zhao within his very clear sound. “Those people are typically ridiculous. They also have minimize wide open the blood vessels of your the planet throughout the Ziwei Realm. Furthermore, it absolutely was the faction from the Institution on the Emperor Superstar that went decrease and exposed the below ground doorstep, triggering an earth quake throughout the complete world.�
Capturing a Locomotive
Section 2200: The Change of the Ziwei Kingdom
“What happened?� Several results went in, these reviewing Dou Zhao. The kinds of the Nine Realms all did actually disguise some techniques. Now, the factors who had derive from outside failed to want to allow this go. They desired to open the actual key entrances.
The closer they came to the college in the Emperor Legend, the cracks started to be more awful. The climate in the overall kingdom experienced grow to be disturbed. The atmosphere of paradise and world was mightily unsettled.
“You do not require to concern yourselves over this,� the palace lord replied, seeking back down into the bare s.p.a.ce. Divine light-weight flashed on his scepter, appearing incredibly alarming. It turned out almost like it managed to generate a resonance while using ability coming from the pit.
Ever since he was obviously a Renhuang, he was in equilibrium with heaven and planet. If he had not been murdered, he would reside forever and never wither away. Consequently, he would naturally invest some time supporting individuals that have been his senior citizens.
Given that he became a Renhuang, he was in peace with heaven and earth. If he had not been killed, he would are living forever but not wither apart. Thus, he would naturally devote more time to assisting those who were actually his seniors.
As more cultivators arrived, Ye Futian discovered some acquainted amounts. They had been people that he realized coming from the Divine Prefecture, for example persons out of the top notch energies inside the Shangqing Domain along with the Donghua Domain. They had revealed up here also!
The Dou tribe stood full off the heavens, hunting vast and mighty around the Ziwei World.
A House of Gentlefolk
“Now, people who are seeing the Ziwei Realm have suspected this undercover palace is more than likely an imperial palace,� continued Dou Zhao. “An historical palace in the Excellent Emperor. Obviously, this is just a figure. By still, no person has discovered its techniques. Most of the realms must have heard this reports at this point, nevertheless, and plenty of cultivators are visiting the Ziwei World.�
The Main Imperial Realm was the best dependable since there were a great number of leading factors there. The Empty Imperial Palace was there at the same time, without any one could dare transfer against them frivolously.
As increasing numbers of cultivators came, Ye Futian noticed some comfortable stats. These people were folks that he understood through the Divine Prefecture, for example folks out of the top forces within the Shangqing Area plus the Donghua Site. That they had found up here as well!
After some time, they descended from on higher downward to the Ziwei World. They spotted that awful cracks experienced appeared within the world right here that spread into the never-ending distance. None was aware how broad the gashes had been. They filled up the complete realm.

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